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2G Sports Courts

Flicx UK are delighted to announce the launch of the 2G Flicx Court, a versatile, hard wearing surface providing great grip on which to play sports such as netball, basketball, badminton, volleyball and tennis.

Made in the same tiles as the 2G Flicx Pitch, the 2G Flicx Court is available in a range of colours and the size can made bespoke to any specification with branding options also available to attract and promote sponsors. The court can be used both indoors or outdoors and can be installed as a permanent surface or a more portable applications, rolled out for each use.

WATCH a time lapse video of the first 2G Flicx Multi-sport court being installed at a farm in West Sussex

Take a look at our inaugural installations of the 2G Flicx Court

_MG_6617This multi sport court will host basketball, tennis and volleyball and its a permanent installation laid onto of stones to convert a field into a sporting facility for the staff of The Lettuce Company. It was designed by the Flicx UK team along with the client and was installed in May 2016.

The first 2G Flicx Court was rolled out at SportFest 2015 in the form of a portable mini netball court. This court in red and blue for England Netball was laid on grass to create a pop up surface for the netball zone at the family sporting event held at the Wormsley Estate.

If you are interested in resurfacing an existing sports surface with Flicx or would like a quote for a new installation please contact Gary Luke on 01295 816765 or email

2G Sports Courts May 26, 2016


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