Applications of the 2G Flicx Pitch … This list is not yet exhaustive, we add new case studies and applications all the time and the beauty of buying a 2G Flicx Pitch, is that you have the flexibility to use your pitch in one, two or all of these ways. Just roll it up and play!

Case Study - Indoor

Indoor Cricket Solution…

Feedback is indicating that the 2G Flicx Pitch will solving the age old problem of finding a suitable playing surface for indoor cricket. Trials of the pitch on sprung floors are showing excellent results.

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Case Study - On Grass

Convert a field into a cricket pitch …

One of the most popular applications of a Flicx Pitch is to convert an existing sports field which might house Rugby or Football by winter into a summer cricketing venue.

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Case Study - On 3G

Convert a 3G or Astro into a cricket pitch…

The Flicx Pitch performs very well when placed on top of an existing artificial pitch such as a 3G rubbercrumb surface or an astro. This is a popular application in pitches we export around the world.

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Case Study - Nets

In the nets …

The Flicx Pitch is a instant solution to repair a worn artificial surfaces in your nets thus enabling cricket to be played again without the hefty financial investment.

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Case Study - Coaching

Great New Coaching Aid…

The new 2G Flicx skills and Eagle-eyed pitches are the perfect coaching aid to develop the batting and bowling skills in young players within schools and clubs.

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Case Study - Junior

Increase junior capacity …

If your club is growing fast and facilities are an issue – split and use a 2G Flicx Pitch to create mini cricket spaces on which to bat and bowl around your oval.

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Case Study - Mt Kili

Play Cricket Anywhere…

The Flicx Pitch enables cricket to be played literally anywhere… Now all you need is a flat hard surface and a Flicx mat which is taking cricket to places it has never been played before.

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Case Study - Beach

Beach Cricket…

The 2G surface produces a consistent bounce on compacted sand so has been used for various beach cricket tournaments around the world. A great way to get more people to play cricket!

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Case Study - Cage

Cage Cricket Partner…

Flicx UK and Cage Cricket have worked in partnership to develop a pitch design bespoke to this new, innovative, urban form of the game which usually takes place in MUGA’s.

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2G Case Studies February 20, 2014