Case Study - Beach

Beach cricket is becoming more and more popular … not only the casual form the game just playing for fun, but also as a facility for more structured games or tournaments such as the Yorkshire Cricket Foundations (YCF) Beach Cricket competition in 2014 held in Scarborough. (Read the Blog) The competition was held to celebrate the Scarborough Cricket Festival and the YCF hosted the inaugural Beach Cricket Tournament on South Bay Beach in front of the iconic Scarborough Spa with 6 under 11 junior cricket teams taking part in the event over 2 days.

In addition, we are currently working with the Cornish Cricket Board as they prepare to host the first national beach cricket competition on Watergate Bay Beach later this year with State for Culture, Media and Sport Sajid Javid MP launching the idea in September 2014. (Read the Blog)

So for clubs with an existing Flicx Pitch or indeed anyone looking for a more unusual format of cricket to attract kids to the game, Beach Cricket could be your answer!


“Thanks again for letting us use the pitch for the beach cricket tournament. It worked fantastically and was commented on by many of the coaches very positively” – Nick Robinson, Project Officer – Yorkshire Cricket Foundation

Nick Robinson
Yorkshire Cricket Foundation





Beach Cricket March 10, 2015