Case Study - On Grass

Turn a grass field into a cricketing venue

Fields which by winter are football or rugby pitches can be transformed into cricket pitches in the summer, just by rolling out a Flicx Pitch – all with very little preparation and no damage to the grass beneath. This application is particularly popular in countries where cricket is an emerging sport. The photo above for example was taken in Israel where the middle of an athletic track is used to play cricket. You can see that the pitch has been rolled into the grass which improves the bounce and grass has grown through. It is possible to roll the pitch into the grass on a semi permanent basis for the season or roll out for each game. 


“The Flicx Cricket Pitch is ideal for introductory level cricket in countries that do not have existing pitches or the skills and resource to develop pitches. Due to the versatility of the Flicx cricket pitch it makes use of limited facilities at a minimum cost. It is an innovative option for our member countries across Europe to transform any existing sports field into a cricket playing facility.”

– Nick Pink
ICC Europe


Convert a field into a cricket pitch … March 10, 2015