Flicx UK are proud to present the 2G Flicx Pitch range for the 2018/19 cricket season ...

2G Flicx Match Pitches

Flicx cricket artificial match pitch

2G Flicx Match Pitch

The 2G Flicx Match Pitch is the traditional design and is our bestselling model. All green in colour and with embedded white crease markings we believe the 2G Flicx Pitch is the most versatile cricket pitch on the market and it comes at a fraction of the price of other artificial pitches. The 2G Flicx Match Pitch comes supplied in two half pitch rolls.

Flicx Multi age cricket pitch

2G Flicx Multi Age Pitch

The Multi-Age Pitch or “MAP” pitch is specifically aimed at schools and clubs who need a match pitch that can cater for different age groups. With this new product, coaches can move the stumps according to the colour coded creases demarcated for the various age groups to change the pitch size from 20.12m to 18.12m or even 16.12m for matches or practice. 

2G Flicx T20 Pitch

Flicx are pleased to unveil our new beige T20 Match Pitch which will be available to buy for the 2018/19 season. This new colourway & bold design reflects the huge popularity of shorter forms of the game offering clubs an unique opportunity to boost participation and attract players back to cricket with evening or more informal T20 games on pop up pitches.

2G Flicx Junior Match Pitches

18m Junior Match Pitch

The largest of our junior match pitches, our 18 metre pitch is 1.8m wide and suitable for use at schools and junior cricket clubs. Shorter pitches are key for the development of young players and 18m is used typically used around the 13 year old age bracket however this depends on player ability and also guidelines from the NGB. 

16m Junior Match Pitch

Our mid range junior match pitch is manufactured to 16 metres by 1.8m wide and  is suitable for use at schools and junior cricket clubs. Shorter pitches are key for the development of young players and 16m is used typically used around the U11’s age bracket however this depends on player ability and also guidelines from the association in question.

14m Junior Match Pitch

New 14 metre 2G Flicx Pitches are available in Blue, Green or Beige and can be rolled out onto the outfield to divide an oval into 1,2,3 or 4 junior pitches for matches or training thus taking traffic away from your 1st team square. Smaller pitches mean more runs for batters and bowler can now pitch the ball onto the wicket more easily.

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2G Flicx Coaching Pitches

2G Flicx Skills Pitch

The 2G Flicx Skills Pitch is a perfect coaching aid for young players in schools and clubs. Bowling targets will help your players achieve a consistent line and length whilst develop a batters decision making and shot selection skills. This product can be used with both hard and soft ball cricket on like the match pitch, rolled out on any various surfaces.

Eagle eye indoor match cricket skills pitch

2G Flicx Eagle-Eyed Pitch

The Eagle eyed pitch is great for beginners as the design imitates the hawk eye referral system in top international cricket with different coloured tiles illustrating full length, good length and short length bowls to aid training and add an element of fun. It also enhances decision making in stroke play with younger players and can be made to order in the colours of your choice.

Customise your 2G Flicx Pitch with your choice of colours, design and/or add a sponsors logo

Product - flicx artificial cricket pitch trolley trolley

2G Flicx Safety Trolley

Transport your 2G Flicx Pitch with ease with a Flicx Safety Trolley. On wheels this is an essential product for the moving and storage of your new Flicx Pitch. The Flicx Safety Trolley can be used safely and easily by one or two people and is sturdy but lightweight. Simply place the cradle over your Flicx Pitch and hook the straps onto the trolley then off you go … no heavy lifting is required. The Flicx Safety Trolley also has strong wide wheels which reduces damage to the outfield especially in wet conditions. Compatible with all sizes and designs in the 2G Flicx Pitch range

The Flicx Safety Trolley

Download instruction manual for the Flicx Safety Trolley

Pitch Size Choices

  • 22.12m x 1.8m (Senior)
  • 20.12m x 1.8m (Senior)
  • 18m x 1.8m (Junior)
  • 16m x 1.8m (Junior)
  • 14m x 1.8m (New Junior Length)
  • 10m x 1.8m (Batting End)
  • 7.5m x 1.6m (Batting End)
  • 4 x 1.4m (Throwdown)

One of the great new features of the 2G Flicx Pitch is the ability for customers to customise their pitch design. The Flicx Pitch is available in 6 palette colours (with other shades available on request) which can be mixed and matched with colours from our two coaching pitches, the 2G Skills pitch and the 2G Eagle-eyed pitch, producing great coaching tools to help develop young players decision making.

2G Flicx Pitches January 29, 2014