The 2G Flicx Pitch is the world’s most portable, versatile cricket wicket and the updated 2G product performs really well on a host of under surfaces including indoors where it is replacing conventional matting. Flicx enables you to take cricket to new locations and maximise your ground utilisation… it can be used for adult and junior cricket both indoors and outdoors and with hard or soft cricket balls.

Whether you are an existing Flicx customer or if your school or club is considering purchasing, our Six Steps to Success will help you understand how best to use your 2G Flicx Pitch to achieve the best possible bounce from your pitch and make using and transporting your wicket, as easy as possible.

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Listen to Flicx UK’s business development manager Ashley Appleby explain the 2G Flicx Pitch “Six Steps to Success” in this short video which will help you get maximum performance from your 2G Flicx Pitch time after time. If you have any questions from this video or the accompanying PDF guide above then feel free to give us a call on +44(0)1295 816765 or contact us

Six Steps to Success January 16, 2019